September 12, 2007

Well, seeing how we are going in to week 3 of college football and my last was was kickoff – 10 days, that means I’ve been slacking on the posts again. So let me get you up to speed with my now monthly no-picture having post.

1) Kaldun is doing very well in school.  After breezing through his first year of public school he had some problems last year.  I was under the impression that it was something with the teachers style since the shift was dramatic and her solution was to try and convince us to get him drugged.  In any event, this year is all smooth sailing thus far.  Posting a 95% average on his spelling tests and doing really well with his reading while not getting in much trouble at school (4 weeks, 2 days where he got in trouble.  One for “playing around” in gym class and one for talking without raising his hand which was later crossed out – I guess he redeemed himself).  So all is well on the school front and the reversion seems to confirm my thoughts on last year.  He continues to go to Tae Kwon Do and Scouts starts back up soonish.

2) Kelli.  As always she’s working too much.  Other than that she is working on plans for her parents to come visit in November sometime.  Man, I think that’s about it. Uneventful Kelli month.

We have also been spending as much time learning how to use our new boat as possible.  I am competent enough to get it setup and generally from point A to point B with only a few minor stalls along the way.   It would be made much easier if the lake would post wind socks all along the bank and/or the wind would not shift directions and speed. Sheesh!  Kaldun still enjoys it so long as we make a pit stop every hour or two at a beach so he can re-dirty himself after the lake splashing gets him dangerously clean.

Last weekend we went out and ended up turning the boat over.   Cruising along in 10-15mpg winds going 15-20 mph and a gust came up, within a couple seconds the port hull was 8 feet in the air and bodies are plopping into the water.  Kaldun climbed on top of the hull like  a money of some sort so I had to get him in the water lest he sink the mast.  He jumped the 8 feet into the sail and then jumped  off the sail into the water… thus slowly but surely pushing the mast underwater (I apparently need to reseal it).   So we bobbed in the in the water with the mast pointed 34 feet straight down (called “turtle”).  Luckily some helpful boaters came to the rescue and let the boys (a friend was with us) on board while we played with the boat and eventually got it upright again… to return to shore with our tails between our legs and my friends son in a state of panic.  Kaldun figured it was “mostly swimming anyway” so no trauma there.  The boats are made to tip over as you sail them on the edge of their abilities, a better sailer can often stop it from actually going over.  A little work and it will be easy to right and I should be able to stop it from turtling.  Scary though…

And college football is back in town this weekend.  Tulsa has only played 1 game but our hopes are high with a new offense and a new head coach as well as a $30mil stadium renovation announced.  We play BYU this week and should have a fighting chance.  Next week we play Oklahoma, who is ranked #3 in the nation, and things may get ugly.  Tulsa is expected to be in the hunt for the conference championship with Houston so perhaps I will be spending New years in Memphis again (Liberty Bowl).

I swear I have pictures on my camera that I want to post, I’m just really lazy.  The nice fall weather we have found ourselves with and college football will not be helping my cause.

- Jesse

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