The Return of Pictures

February 22, 2008

Kaldun earned his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do yesterday. I do not recall all of the things he had to know/do to achieve his new belt but they included a front snap kick, side kick, ax kick, tiger claw… all sorts of fun things from Bruce Lee movies (not Tae Kwon Do movies, I know). I’m afraid he was “that kid” from time to time, as everyone is either older or much higher ranked than he – seeing how other people did it, not LISTENING at times and generally acting like an 8 year old. But I took some pictures and have managed to tag and post a handful!

But he impressed his instructor and the judges, so I guess that matters more.

Let me know if things are loading SLOWLY or if you are getting errors. I may have to start posting pictures to Picasa as this server seems to have slowed while I’ve been away.

Oh yeah, now with board breaking video goodness (which apparently won’t embed here):

It is supposed to be crappy out tomorrow, more pictures perhaps.

- Jesse

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February 21, 2008

Ok, no pictures really – but I have been harassed enough to actually get moving on them. I should have some pictures up this weekend at the latest.

Pictures I intent to post in the very near future, probably in this order:
1) Kaldun getting his yellow belt.
2) Albuquerque pictures from the natorious boat trip
3) Ice Storm pictures (i need to see if any are good first)
4) Belmont Wedding
5) O-tangs Wedding
6) Other random picture goodness

Since I last posted nothing very exciting has really happened. It was probably exciting at the time, but in hindsite. Lets see:

1) We lost power along with 500,000 of or closet friends for a week. It has been 2 months and they still have only half the downed trees cleared ($4,000,000 in clearing costs and growing). Piles of debris and literal mountains at dump sites.

2) Kelli, Kaldun and I are still at the same jobs/school

3) College football season is over. Tulsa ended the year with 10 wins and the #1 offense in the nation.

4) Happy Holloween, Merry Christmass, and happy new year.

5) The last time I have left Tulsa was August. Sad, sad little world I live in.

6) I got to take a tour of the Tulsa BOk Center that is under construction. Pictures Here!

Bok Center

As part of my new year resolution I am goign to stop procrastinating and keep this blog up to date. I clearly failed at the first one, so I’ll see about the second. Please check back and harass me and it will come.

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