April 10, 2008

So much for staying on top of this. I keep saying “when I get pictures ready.” Then I wait so long that any given thing seems worthless to post… so lets catch up and try to get to the pictures this weekend.

1) My bank took care of the French situation just fine.

2) Kelli and Kaldun went to Key West with my mom, and had a great time. Tons of pictures on the way. They flew into Miami and drove to Key West and did all the normal stuff: butterfly garden, beech, sail boat and saw tons of fish, iguanas and birds. Kaldun’s highlight was when a pigeon built a nest where he could see it from his hotel. Ahhh… money well spent. ;-)

3) Mean while, I stayed home and worked and recovered from some minor surgery. In case anyone was wondering when Kelli and I are having more children, the answer is never. A Friday off and a week feeling like I got kicked in the junk solved that potential problem. Certainly sucked, but the surgery nor the recovery should be a deterrent for anyone considering it (and I’m a big wuss).

For anyone that cares (if you don’t want to read details skip this paragraph for the love of god!): many Mds will not perform a vasectomy unless you are married, have kids, or give another good reason. You have to meet the MD with your spouse a week before hand since it is permanent. The procedure itself lasts about 20 – 30 minutes. With a double dose of Valium the entire surgery was way too relaxed and conversational. Pain wise the actual procedure was nearly painless – the only thing I felt was the prick of the needle and slight pressure for about 10 seconds on either side. Almost identical to getting Novocaine – but not. From there on out it was painless for the next 3 hours or so. Then flat on your back for 2.5 days and lots of Tylenol. The day after is very sore, so long as I was flat on my back no problem. Day 2 is a little better and I shuffled around a bit more (the MD said near total immobility the first two days is key to a good recovery). Day 3 I was at work but none to happy about it – I was mobile enough that there was no real problems but was down as soon as I was home. Day 5 I went to a basketball game. By Day 7 I was “normal” but for running, jumping or a firm dog nose to the crotch (dumb dog). 2 weeks out and totally back to normal. So there’s that.

4) it is Spring in Oklahoma. Temperatures ranging from a morning frost to the low 80′s and all the thunderstorms and tornado watches that go along with it. Currently several suburbs had to cancel school due to flooding. My yard (front and back) could float an empty canoe… better than ice though!

5) Kaldun is doing very well in school. He improved from a straight B student to a mostly B and some As student. According to his teacher, he knows the material well enough but too frequently needs to be redirected to task on day to day work and on occasion, just decides to not finish a timed test. Argh! But his behavior has vastly improved and we have a great relation with his teacher (too good probably).

He still loves anything to do with outdoors or science. He is at the level of reading now that he enjoys being able to read signs, menus, and all the common stuff one needs to participate in daily life. I don’t think he really enjoys reading books yet though – still an effort.

6) While Kelli was in Key West I treated myself to a brand new acoustic guitar (Alverez RD8). I also got a book to actually learn how to play guitar and realized that, in spite of “playing” guitar for over a decade I really don’t know what I’m doing. I think lessons may be in order.

Which is OK, because I think we have Kaldun convinced that Piano lessons are a good idea. I told him he can take any lessons he wants and he has expressed some interest in that direction. So perhaps we can find a shop to do both at the same time on a Thursday night, or whatever. It’s on the to do list.

7) Tulsa finished the basketball season last weekend at 25-14 and taking the inaugural CBI Championship.  For how bad the year started, it ended REALLY strong (15-4, with 2 losses to Memphis in there).  Spring football is already here and ‘ll get my new season ticket assignment a week from today.  Then I guess I’m sports-less until the fall.  more time for pictures?

– - -

OTHERWISE, pretty much the status quo. We should be busting out the sail boat before too long (new neighbors, anyone know a good place to store a sail boat!) and may be buying an Xterra to pull it. Well, that and a wife, kid, 2 dogs and camping crap jammed into a Nissan is a little tight. An Xterra or a rental house, one of the two. I figure if I default on the SUV I get nothing, if I default on the rent house I can always count on the government to bail me out!

- Jesse

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