Walking with Dinosaurs

January 31, 2009

Sue, Kelli, Kaldun and I went downtown last night for some food and to see a show at the BOK Center.  Turns out we couldn’t get any food because everywhere was a 45 minute wait, but the show was awesome.  Walking With Dinosaurs is a live action show with costumes for smaller animals and animatronics for the giants.  Not lame costumes or cornball robots – it was VERY well done. The biggest creature was either the brontosaurs at 40 feet tall or the T-Rex.

Each animal was fully articulate. The muscles moved when it walked. The tail counter balanced. The head, eyes, mouth, nostrils and skin moved and jiggled. Dang cool.   The plants would grow and wilt, flowers came into being at a certain point.  All around interesting stuff IMHO.  We sat in the lower section (hot linked photo, we didn’t take any) so the big ones towered above us.

The basic story line was a paleontologist going through the history of dinosaurs from the first species to when they went extent.About 150,000,000 years of history.Various light shows, projected scenes, and live action animals interacted on about 2/3rd of a hockey rink. It was very cool and educational to a large degree. We all loved it and I would recommend it for kids Kalduns age.

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Guess who’s back!

January 29, 2009

Alrighty then, lets start this anew.  I’ve been waiting to do this right and really post something impressive.   I give up on that plan. I shall work on posting when I can,what I can.  A snippet over lunch or preferably a picture collage.   I’m on it! For pictures I think I will just use Picasa from now on.  I’ve decided I’m too lazy to use the weblogs.us server and it has proven to be somewhat unreliable for photos in the past (nice excuse, eh?).  College football is over, it’s cold outside, no exuses. So here’s the short and dirty over the last year:

1. I got a new job at a general practice law firm.  I’ve done everything from a $5,000,000 case, to a libel, to tresspass, probate, fraud, basically all the “left over” of the firm.  The principle  of the firm was an assistant DA for a long time an tries to concentrate on criminal work, another lady specilaizes in domestic, and so on until I end up with the “other” catagory. An interesting job for a young attorney  to figure out what there is out there and get some idea of the various areas of law.

2. Kelli has been traveling all over the place for work.  Not too often, but here and there.  Albuquerque, Denver, Dallas, Little Rock, and HAWAII!  She spent a couple week in Honolulu working 16 hours a day.  Hard to give her much sympathy though.  Look, some pictures!  Click the picture below for the full album.  These links might die as I figure out how I want to organize the Picasa, so lick fast!

From Kelli Hawaii

3. Kaldun is a blue-green belt in Tae Kwon Do, can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the violin,  and staying out of trouble in the 3rd grade.  He likes shooting, lizards, bugs, hiking, getting dirty, and screwing off on the computer.  A fish to water, I tell ya’.

4. We’ve been trying to do a lot of hiking this winter.  The manic Oklahoma weather has seen a swing from 74F to 14F in one day… so when the nice swing hits I’m out as much as possible.  Recently my Mom has brought plenty of crappy cold ice filled Iowa weather down with her and Kaldun has missed the week of school.  Bah! More to follow.

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Really really this time.  But just in case I’m not going to tell anyone I’m posting again.

- Jesse

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