Random Pictures from this Spring

June 12, 2009

Kaldun has been in Iowa for the past 2 weeks.   While he was gone I have gotten a ton of stuff accomplished:  I’ve been painting more,  I refinished our fence, I fixed the drain in the bathroom, reloaded software on my computer . . . most of my to-do list.  I even posted tons of pictures on the internet.

Ok, no.  I’ve been a total slacker.  A good bit of poker.  Some sitting around and yapping with friends.  Eating out more, happy hours, going shooting with a group of guys, I even went to the National Scion Car Show (who knoew there was such a thing? Have pictures, will post).  I did get new doors put on my house and otherwise take care of normal stuff, but my imaginary surge in motivation never materialized.

However, I did spent several hours last night organizing, naming, and notating some pictures so I can post them soon.  Canada pictures and the long herolded San Deigo pictures.  Pray for rain this weekend and it will be more likley to get done.  Either that or oppressive heat to keep me inside.

In the spring my mom came to visit for a few weeks.  At one point Beth came to town also and Kaldun and I met up with them for a day of fun around town.  We went did a scavenger hunt in Bass Pro Shops and at the sea food place they have (which is OK) . . .

Kaldun doing a scavenger hunt From 2009-04-23.1

. . .we then went bowling where I rocked over 100 all three games.

Three bowlers From 2009-04-23.1

To prove that it is not all play and no work, here is Kaldun sorting the socks. You have to keep these kids working I tell ya’!

Kaldun hard at work From 2009-04-23.1

Shortly thereafter Kaldun and I went to the University of Tulsa’s spring football game and had a good time. Kaldun isn’t really that into sports but will tolerate me taking him to a Division I basketball or football game from time to time. He recently quit Tae Kwon Do as he was losing interest in it AND wants to try playing some other sports, which we decided would be a good thing. Tae Kwon Do was a 3 day a week commitment, which largely precluded other events.

Kaldun and Jesse at the TU Spring Football game From 2009-04-23.1
Kaldun striking a pose.  He didn’t get it but played along. From 2009-04-23.1

Nothing else to really report. I’m sure there is plenty I have left out, but generally when I wait to post pictures people lose out on fun stories. So I am committed to getting back in the game! Next week we leave for Colorado for a wedding. We are planning on driving so Kaldun can see more of Oklahoma and Colorado, but we found round trip flights for $150 so those plans might change. Who knows . . .

EYE see you. From 2009-04-23.1

- Jesse

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I know,I know

June 1, 2009

I’m falling into my old trap again. No real excuse either. I have Canada, Tulsa Tough,and many other pictures to post. But it’s so nice out!

Kaldun is in Iowa until we go to Colorado in a couple weeks. My plan is to be caught up by then.

- Jesse

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