July 17, 2009

We’ve been doing a TON of stuff lately:

1) Tearing out all the wallpaper in our house and repainting.

2) Getting sick (flu like) and getting better.

3) Catching up on yard work/gardening

4) Cooking (smoking meat, sushi, other goodness)

5) Watching movies (new Harry Potter is out . . . need to see it!)

6) Going to the lake:

Last weekend we spent Friday evening setting up the sailboat at home and doing some minor repairs. Saturday we headed to the lake only to have a semi throw a tire. Which knocked loose the fender on my trailer, which broke a weld and sent a bar through my hull, which bounced down and SHREDDED a tire. So I spent Sunday repairing the boat (and tire).

7) Working. Kelli took a week off just for the hell of it, but I’ve been working.

8.) Fishing

9) Poker. Tuesday nights are poker nights. Busy busy.

10) Getting motivated:
a) post pictures
b) brew Oktoberfest beer
c) finish house projects
d) running a marathon in September
e) surviving 100F every damn day

So I haven’t forgot about you. I am just keeping really busy (and being lazy). I manage to update my Facebook account a couple times a week and Kelli is on Facebook now too. So if you are really hungry for quasi-news, track me on there until I get myself back in gear.

- Jesse

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July 1, 2009

The family is back from Colorado, Kaldun is back from Iowa, and all is well in the land of Fettkether. It’s been HOT in Oklahoma lately and my computer heats up out little den even more, so that’s my current no-picture excuse. But I have some amazing pictures to post from Colorado.

While I’ve been slacking on there, I’ve been doing fairly regular updates on Facebook. So if you are starved for news or lame comments, have it it. Otherwise . . .

We’ve been doing gardening work, work around the house, made rootbeer, cooking interesting meals mostly on the grill (and we did sushi), and a ton of sitting outside in the evenings with neighbors. Funny how 90F feels great after its been 104F outside all day.

I have not forgotten. Just continued my slacker ways.

- Jesse

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