Happy 2007!

January 3, 2007

Short little post here:

1. I got a new job.  I’m managing a construction company here in Tulsa.  So far so good, I’ve learned more about law and business in one day of someone saying ‘here, run this thing and let me know if you have any problems’ than I have in 8 years of college.  The college though, has helped out a little.  More on that some other time…

2.  The 2007 Fiesta Bowl was a gift from the gods. Holy crap.  I watch a ton of college football and I dont know that I have ever posted about a game, but I’ve never seen anything come close to that.  While I was cheering for the home team (adopted home team being Oklahoma), no one can deny what an amazing game that was (even in Oklahoma!).

3. Have Xmas and New Years pictures, my goal is to post them this weekend.  No promises.  :)

K, back to work.

- Jesse

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Christmas is over

December 26, 2006

That’s it, all the presents have been opened and all the ham consumed.  Game over.  But all went well!

The Fettkether clan spent Xmas eve and Xmas at my uncle Mark’s house just South of Tulsa and a good itme was had by all.  Eve was spent with just Mark, Tim, and Joan (pronounce, for unknown reasons, Jo-Anne) and Xmas day was spent with much of Tim’s family.  It was a long day to be sure, but everything went smooth; the food was good, the company interesting, and the libations plentiful!

On the gift list we all got many interesting items this year.  Kaldun got a few toys but got more books and clothes than anything (whew).  Kelli and I traded books and clothes as usual and landed some most excellent presents from family.  I would try to list them all, but Im sure I would leave someone out and then there would be a whole thing… so I wont.  :)

Kelli has a few weeks of chaos left before things are back to normal, which will be about the time my job hunt ramps up to full speed again.  For anyone in the job market, or entering, or whatever… be advised, the holidays are a crappy time to look for a job.  Yep.

In the meantime, I will continue my addiction to Age of Empires III (Stupid Game!), try to re-integrate the house, working part-time, and continue to drink and be merry.

As always, pictures soonish.

- Jesse

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Dance Fairy Dance!

December 17, 2006

[edit] I got an email from someone who thought the heading to this post was a reference to dancers being gay.  It was not meant to be so.  I was intending to referencing the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” to segway into the whole post.  Apperently no one got it.[/edit]

Well, its officially that time of year. Last week was my brithday, today is Kelli’s bithday, and this afternoon we went to the Nutcracker (interesting sidenote: the ballet was a huge flop in its day and Tchaikovsky is alleged to have killed himself shortly thereafter). Tulsa Ballet is regaurded as one of the best in the Country and well regaurded internationally, they do their own rendition of the Nutcracker based in the 1920′s. I didnt like it as well the first time I saw it, as it was simply not what I expected. However, every year it grows on me, and a change of pace would be needed every 50 years or so I suppose!

While downtown Kelli, Kaldun and I also went to the Center of the Unvierse. Essentially its an open air walkway over the railway tracks that devide downtown Tulsa from the old warehouse (Brady) district. I’ve heard aobut it for years, but have never taken the time to go check it out since on a weekday (when I am normally downtown) finding parking there would be a serious problem. Anyway, its just an old road that arches over railroad tracks. The road has been closed and is a walkway now. In the middle of the bridge there is a circle, standing the middle of which you hear an echo of yourself (even at a whisper). Keep in mind this is all open air, the nearest building or wall is 20 or 30 yards away and the echo comes from all sides. Pretty cool IMHO.

Center of the Univerise

Everyone (both of you) reading this probably think it is incredibly lame, but damnit, its neat.

To wrap this up (it is my wife’s bday and all), I’ve been working more and more at my job/not job lately, I got a super cool new printer from my parents for xmas/bday, I might have ot kill Kaldun for HIS performance at the Nutcracker this afternoon, and its back up in the 70′s here.

More some other time. Deal with it. :)

- Jesse

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Employed-ish again

December 8, 2006

I got a call on Wed. afternoon asking if I would like to work that evening, so I did. So I am now traveling around the region doing contract work for a local firm. The pay is OK and the job is just fine, I wouldnt want it for a long term career, but for now its a nice change of pace. Plus, I get to finally visit all the small towns around here that I hear about and have never been near. Which is good, I suppose. I have 25 hours in and 650 miles since that Wed. afternoon call, so Im making up for my slack-assing.

As forshadowed by my previous post we suffered some serious winter weather a week back. 10″ of snow! In Tulsa that’s insane. Some reports said it was the largest snowfall in 25 years. So I made the most of it and went skiing! The first night Kevin and I skiied to the neighborhood pub and the next day I went off around town. I got some serious strange look while skiing around Tulsa (I had 2 people ask to take my picture). While it was around, I pushed 9 vehicles out of the snow (including 2 4×4′s); so I have my good deeds in for a while. Which is good. We are back into the 50′s now during the day so we lost most of the snow, but I have the picture to prove it!

In other picture related news, I got posted:

Kaldun’s 7th Birthday Pic’s , which show how far behind I am, and

Some fishing pictures from at mark’s pond with the Fettkether and Kornegay men folk.

Happy Birthday to me. I’m edging closer to the big 3-0. Another year… something something. Argh, Im tired so I think the couch is calling my name.

- Jesse

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Happy Holidays

November 29, 2006

Turkey Day went well here in Tulsa.  My relatives from Texas came up to meet my Sister and Borhter-in-law from NM and my parents from IA at my Uncles house just south of Tulsa.  FOr the last few years it has been a regular event and good times are had by all.  I ate way too much food every day including a feeding frenzy at a sea food place to change things up.  Argh, I still feel lathargic from the intake.

On the job front: still nothing to report.  The whole staying at home all day thing was kinda fun for a week or so, but its getting really boring now. I need a job on so many levels ($, future, routine, something to do, contacts). When I left my former employer, there were 6 people that still worked there.  Yesterday I got a call from one with an update on the gossip; now there are 4.  One of the people that quit had been there for 14 years and tendered her two weeks.  She walked out the door without so much as a card for all her years working there, that’s kinda harsh.  I’m guessing by the end of the year it will be down to 3 (which includes the owner and his wife).  Glad to see it wasnt just me.

On a colder note, winter has finally landed in Oklahoma.  It has been in the 60′s and 70′s up to this point, including when I took the boy to school at 8am today (68F).  However, at about 11 a front moved in and brought freezing rain and a drop to 40F.  By night fall we are supposed to be freezing and a winter weather adivsory is in effect.  So Im sitting here having the ‘I should have done that when it was warmer’ moment (put lights up, finish painting the dog house, clean garage). Oh well, I suppose I will never learn – it ’tis the season.

It is also the season for Kelli to work retarded hours.  She has worked three back-to-back-to-back 12+ hour over nighters ending this AM.  So as I putz aorund the house all day she sleeps, then she gets up and heads to work.  It sucks, but I guess someone has to make the money around here.  She still likes her job, but the odd hours are really started to wear down on her (which is another good reason for me ot get a job, so she can take a teaching job).

Well, I heard the microwave go DING!  Which means (I feel the need to interject, the damn dogs come and try to get attention by licking my hands as I type.  Have you ever tried to type while having your hands licked by a 70lb dog?  Not easy.), which means $2 frozen meal is ready to go.  Tonight Kelli and I are heading to the neighborhood pub for a drink if we can get someone to watch the boy, so I’ll post more and maybe some pics some othertime.

- Jesse

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