August 29, 2006

First, this is kidna old news but… the IRS attempted to fine my little investment firm and I thought their accusation was BS so I appealed.  And I won!  Woohoo!  The IRS owes us a refund and interest.  Jesse: 1 IRS: 654,215,685,012.  but Im on the board!

Second, I accepted a job offer yesterday ands tart on tomorrow.  I will be a Bankruptcy administrator for the Northern District of Oklahoma’s Chapter 13 standing trustee.  The pay is competetive with other attorney positions in town and it is in the federal system (think Columbus Day and MLK day off).   It should be good expirience and a pretty laid back work environment.  A lot to learn though!

But today… I go golfing.  :)

- Jesse

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Moving on up!

August 24, 2006

Alright, well things are started to get dangerously real around here.  I am starting to talk seriously with firms about jobs. Scary stuff, I know.  For some reason, having offers on the table is more stressful than not having offers on the table.  I guess, in part, because with nothing on the table the sky is still the limit. When there are offers on the table, you kinda see what the real world says, both money and job function wise.  Stupid world, all needing me to get a job and stuff!  I’m sure it will all work out.

In pet related news, I killed my fish.  In my backyard we have a ~80 gallon pong and a stream system setup.  There are lilly’s, Irisis, water lettuce, hyenthia, and various othe rplants in the water and stream.  We dont use any chemicles to filter the water, so we get lots of wild life too.  Toads in the spring, birds year round in the stream to take a bath, nymphs, and so on.  We also put in some cheap feeder fish a few years ago.  4 of those fish grew to be 9″ long and spawn several surviving smaller fish.  When gold fish get larger than 2 or 3″, they get real neat coloration on them and their fins get cool looking.  These were well beyond that.  Several colors on them, large fins, real neat looking.  They are so used to s that we can actually pet them if we put our hands slowly in the water.

All that tragically ended.  They survived a mighty storm that screwed up the pond on Monday.  The water level was low on account of 100F days and we got 2″ of rain in about 2 hours, so the ensuing flood caused the stream to go off course and drain 50% of the pond.   They survived that. However, last night I was topping off the pond and got distracted, leaving the house on IN THE POND!  Water in Tulsa comes from holding ponds, since it is sunny and hot they are heavily chlorinated to get bacteria down.  Chlorines bad for fish.  An hour and a half alter I realized what I had done and rushed to fix the problem.  We caught 5 of the fish and put them in another tank I have (half barrel of Jack Daniels) that was clean water.  Then I went to Wal-Mart and got some water stabilization tabs and bought an air pump to air rate.  When I got back it was too late for 2 of them and two werent looking good. I worked on it until about 3 am but when I woke to take Kaldun to school all the fish were dead.  :(   That was a long story to tell you my fish died, but damnit, they were nice fish!

Other pet realted news: Igasa is becoming a decent dog.  She sits, stays, comes, lays down, and speaks.  She also chews ON EVERYTHING!  Damn dog.

Kaldun started the 1st grade Monday, his teacher seems very nice and requires heavy parent involvement, which is good.  Next monday he starts Cub scouts, which should be fun.  Im looking into assisting with the troop (pack?).

College football starts one week form today!  Woohooo.  Go Hurricane!
I realize I spent three paragraphs on fish, equal time between my boy and a dog, and didnt mention my wife.   Im a horrible person, I know.
- Jesse

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August 13, 2006

So I’ve been a real blog slcaker, I admit it.  There simply hasnt been anything exciting going.  I’ve been doing some work for a firm here in town and searching for a really real job.  I have a slew of contacts to work on and an interview on Tues. on the job front.  Will let you know if anything real happens.

Other than that, just un-exciting family stuff.  We went to a miniture-horse show yesterday (small horses, not a small show) and spent some time at hte river today.  Slow and steady, its been over 100F nearly every day.  Argh.  Tomorrow I have to register the boy child for 1st grade, that’s pretty much all the excitment.

Of course, I’ll try to get some pictures up soonish.  Yeah.

- Jesse

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July 31, 2006

Phew, ok, things are back to normalish.  I can assume my unemployed life and get everything back in line.

Before I do that, one more piece of bad news.  The day before the bar I got a notice from the IRS that my Investment Partnership is being fined… so I’m fighting that because its BS.  Otherwise:

1) Bar over.  Feel as good as anyone I suppose.  Man that sucked.

2) Igasa is back on all 4 legs again. No idea what happened, musta dumb something stupid and puppy related.

3) Back in our own house!   $1,000 later we have A/C, and godo thing too, its 102F outside atm.

So with all of tha tbehind us, we have been spending some time doing stuff.  Actual stuff!  We went fishing on Friday and caught 4 or 5 McNuggets, seriously small fish.  I’m not a ‘tuna’ fishermen as my dad says, so its generally catch and release.  GOod thing too, my family would have starved that night.

Yesterday we went to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & the Planatarium.  Pretty cool stuff. It set us back about $30 for 3 peolpe to do both things, so its not too bad.  The Museum had lotsa neat stuff, about enough to keep a 6 year old interested for 2 hours.  I have some pictures from that, which WILL get posted soon.  Inside they have (counts in head) 8 or 9 full size plans/helocopters including a LeerJet and an F-14 to climb in.  THey also have an engine from a jumbo jet, HUGE!  All sorts of neato stuff that I would have liked to read, but alas, 6 years old.

The Plane-arium (a la South Park) is a new state-of-the-art movie projector in 360 degrees over a full dome.  Pretty cool the stuff it can do.  Of course the standard stars i nthe sky, but then it can go from sunup, to sundown and rotate as if going through the night for any night, anywhere, in HD.  Pretty cool.  It can also ZOOM in on objects from various pictures available including Voyager images of the planets and Hubble images.  JD would be highly impressed by the computer array in the background if nothing else.  However, we saw a movie on it geared for kids… not that great obviously, but Kaldun was entertained. It was neato seeing a movie in 360 degrees though.

Well, Igasa is trying to eat the Chinchilla, so I had better get a move on. COLLEGE FOOTBALL IN 30 DAYS!  Whoohoo!  Happy times are here again!

- Jesse

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July 22, 2006

Bar study continues. The more I study, the more I think Im going to fail.

The repair guy for the AC unit came on Friday but brought the wrong part, of course it was too late for him to get the other one.  So he has to call it in on Monday, should be here by Wed. So perhaps by next thursday we will have some god damn air conditioning.  So that’s nice. The Fettkether’s have evacuated to my uncles house.

Igasa is still gimpy, no idea why.  No time to take her to the vet until after Wed.

Pop quiz.  If a law clerk submits a letter asking if he is going to be hired (common practice) in April, and asks about it in person 2 additional times since then, when do you send him a 3 line rejection letter offering him a part-time job?  Answer: 3 days before the bar.  Ok, I talked to you two weeks ago trying to get an answer.  We talked about the bar.  EVERYONE KNOWS the bar is at the end of July.  I specfically told you.  Your letter even says good luck at the bar.  Im a little stressed right now, couldnt you wait a few days to tell me Im screwed? So thanks for that.

If there is a killing spree in Tulsa, blame me.

- Jesse

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