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April 25, 2006

As of today I am 50% done with the semester.  I finished off my Federal Lands class today with a marathon 24h take home final.  It was hindered a bit by an invite to the bar by my Conflict of Law prof. last night but I had to take that one for the team.  Anyway, I simply treated it like a work project and got at it early and finished it in tmie to go pick up the boy.  Done and done.  2 papers and 2 finals to go.  I hope to get the papers knocked out in the next day or so and then its all down hill!

So, having taxed my legal brain all day I spent the early evening posting some more pictures for your viewing pleasure. A while back my mom was in town and we used the opportunity to take a family day trip to Oklahoma City (OKC to Okies). We wen to the Express Ranch,  the botanitcal gardens, the memorial, and the zoo.  A nice day trip and still lots to do for a weekend trip sometime (bricktown, Hornets games, capital building…).  As always, you can find the pictures in my picture gallery (under trips this time).

Now its time for some serious couch laying.

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Finals have begun

April 23, 2006

Oh joy. Its that time of year again. Stressing out over finals… which in law school usually equate to all of your grade. I shouldn’t care anymore since this is my last semester by I suppose I still do. Dangit.

I have one final down, and 1) one paper for advanced torts, 2) one memo for conflicts 3) one in class final for federal lands, 4) one take home for federal lands, 5) a conflicts final and then a 6) constitutional law final. Then Im done. I get excited just thinking about being done.

But all work and no play makes Jesse something something. I went golfing with “E” on Thursday and have been out and about a little bit this weekend. One short story of note:

Kaldun has learned to ride his new Easter bike pretty well, so we have been taking little trips to nearby stores. Yesterday I needed a few things (toothpaste, garbage bags, etc.) so we rode over to Walgreens. I have also recently taught Bacchus how to trot along with the bikes, so he acme with us. When we go in I tie him to my bike and head off to do my thing.

A brief point about the dog is needed here. He is about 50lbs and very affectionate. I have seen little kids (and adults) pick him up, pull his tail, step on him, or otherwise bother the heck out of him with no reaction at all. So he puts up with a lot of stuff, the only downfall is how badly he wants to be around people he knows…

So, we tie him up on the shaded side of the building and go inside. We have done this 3 or 4 other times with no big deal. He barks when we walk away and that’s that. So we are in isle 6 trying to decide which garbage bags to get when what to my wondering eyes should appear… but half of a leash being dragged by that damn dog. “Would the gentlemen who owns the dog please come to the front counter…” A store lady jumped out from behind him and grabbed his collar as he triumphantly trotted down the isle towards me. It was at this very moment that he realized he had made a mistake.

The tail fell, the tongue retreated, and the head slumped. Though he put up no resistance when I lead him out of the store, the realization that his great feat was not going to be rewarded came down pretty hard. Usually when he comes and finds me Im happy, he was so confused. All that effort to chew through a 1″ thick unscathed leash and this is what I’m greeted with!

In any event, the real issue was him biting the leash and coming through the door; so it was too late to punish him. I had Kaldun hold him outside while I checked out. I had to tie the leash back together in order to get him home, but everything worked out well in the end. That is my only issue with this dog, he HATES to be out of side of everyone he knows in unfamiliar places. It is usually a good thing, but not always. So now I’m in the market for a heavy duty chew proof leash. He won this battle…

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5 in one makeup post

April 18, 2006

Ok, I’ve been slacking on the blog entries, as I thought I might.  So I’ll do 5 short posts as one:

1)      Finals are coming up so I probably wont be able to post as much or get new pictures up.  4 more finals, 2 papers, and a 24h take home test and I’m outta here.  Then all I need to do is find a job…

2)      Halliburton occupies a floor of the building I’m in downtown.  Yesterday they were getting picketed, which kinda’ made me chuckle.  Anything different in my day tends to be a good thing.  However, upon returning to the building from an errand I quickly learned that they either thought everyone in the building worked for Halliburton, we were somehow guilty by association, or they simply didn’t care.  SO I was accosted for “over charging our government by $239,000,000.00.” Unfortunately I blew all of that money in my as to yet unsuccessful attempt to teach cabbages to read, and have not a dime remaining from it.  No pictures

3)      Happy Easter!  I’m not terribly religious but I hope Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, Vishnu, Zeus, Thor,  or whatever deity you so choose to worship provided you with a nice weekend.  I spent the weekend around the house with the family… got a lot of work done around the house, some homework, put in a new flower garden.  On Sunday we put together a scavenger hunt for the boy to find a new bike and then went for couple bike rides.  Spent a little time at Woodard park with the dog.  All and all a good weekend, in spite of it being 95F!  Have pictures, will post someday.

4)      Speaking of pictures.  There are more to come: TU Chili Fest, Easter at the Fettkether’s, out trip to OKC… I think those will be my test few posts.  As noted in #1, probably not for a while though.

5)      Das Chicken:  So my wife got back from Phoenix sometime last week and I took a long lunch to pick her up from the airport and go get some food.  As we were leaving the Cherry Street area here in Tulsa we decide to avoid the traffic and take the back roads for a little drive.  Low and behold, what did we see?  But a big fat rooster staring at me.  He was strutting across the street like there was nothing doing, he cocked his head sideways as if to imply I was running afoul by driving down HIS street.  He and his lady friend soon sauntered into a yard and began scratching around.  OK, this is Tulsa, not Key West.  We are in the middle of a metro area approaching 1 million in a ritzy part of town and there was a dang chicken.  A chicken AND a rooster! So we took a picture on a camera Kelli had with her.  It was pretty amusing to us at the time anyway…

So there you have it.  Posts galore.  I will probably post something before finals are over, sheesh, I wish they were over.

- Jesse

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April 9, 2006

I got a decent looking photo gallery up and running now. All the content isnt there, actually, there is very little content there, and some bugs to work out. In fact, here is the short to do list:

1) Find a good movie interface that works with it

2) Add captions to day 6

3) Figure out IE compatibility issues (captions do not display corectly all the time, stupid IE)

4) Add captions to video (lost keywords and captions when I converted from MOV to DIVX… a 66% reduction!)

5) Add content, TU Golf outting to start with

6) What to do with Kaldun’s pictures? The boy has his own camera… but I dont really want to make his own album. Maybe a subdirectory or something?

7) hide comments unless you CHOSE to display them.  Keeping it minimalist.

ANYWAY, you can see my fabulous new photogallery here:

Back to real work.

- Jesse

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Getting in the swing of things…

April 8, 2006

Alrighty then, in spite of a massive distraction of the TU Law golf outting today, I made some serious progress towards getting some photos up and working. I got Gallery2 installed and working on the basic levels with all the essential features I was looking for. I just (just…) need to tweak some of the setting and customize the view.

Those two topics go well together since I got (I think) some good pictures golfing today.

I have a million school projects to get done, taxes, house cleaning, and failed to eat tonight… but I got the server settings down right. Argh. I blame JD.

- Jesse

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