Snow Storm!

April 12, 2009

Spring is here! Or it was. Then it snowed. And now we are right into summer – spent the weekend planting a garden and getting sunburned . But I digress. . .

The snow storm was our first real real snow for the season. We had over a foot of snow fall, but it melted almost as fast as it came down. Our area ended up with 6 or 8″ of snow at the peak. Much of it was melted that evening, most of it was gone the next day. (fyi: Sue always brings cold icy weather with her!)

Snow in Oklahoma is an interesting time. Everyone is paralyzed. We used our Pathfinder (18″ clearance, 4×4, off road package) and Iowa driving skills to pretty well tool along as we saw fit. On our way to the grocery store and back we pushed out 5 vehicles. 2 Mustangs, a Camaro, a pickup and a Toyota car of some kind.

In Iowa when you stop to push someone out they understand what is going on. Not so much in Oklahoma. You have to explain 1) you can push a car out of the snow, 2) you don’t want to spin your tires, 3) rock the car back and forth, and 4) when you get going – keep going slow and steady. When we pushed one of the Mustang’s out, she stopped to thank us – and we pushed her out again.

The dogs were ambivalent about the snowfall and got to stay inside most of the day. I took Igasa to the park for a romp and she decided snow was fantastic. Bacchus preferred to stay by the fire.

Our front yard From Spring Snow Storm, Click this link to see 4 hours later.

Tulips in the Snow From Spring Snow Storm
She doesn’t know where she is going, but she’s running! From Spring Snow Storm

Pictures from the recent family visits coming soon. Have to make some kabobs for supper!

- Jesse

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Spring hiking

April 4, 2009

We go hiking a lot.  Nothing real serious, just an excuse to get outside when it is nice.  Couple weeks ago, it was nice so we headed off to Redbud just north of town.  It hit 80F that day so we quickly shed our sweatshirts.

From 2009-04-04
From 2009-04-04
My New Desktop:   From 2009-04-04

Little did we know that the weather was getting ready to beat us up the next weekend. Stupid Oklahoma weather. More on that later this weekend.

In other news, Mooshu has gone feral. He’s getting pretty big and is well taken care of . . . BUT Kaldun has not been handling him enough. The sucker bit me! It feels like putting a chip clip on the end of your finger. More shocking than painful.

So we’ve been making an effort to handle him more lately. Of course, to get Kaldun to do so we have been playing with in in various capacities. Kaldun’s favorite Mooshu game is Godzilla – Mooshu vs plastic soldiers. Required: 1 bearded dragon, plastic army men, crickets to be released to entice ‘attack’ and viola:

From 2009-04-04

Though to be honest, we have reason to doubt the intelligence of the creature, he does the following over and over and over . . .

[Youtube video will go here. I learned that Picasa can not edit Quicktime files, which is what most cameras take movies in. Which is nice.

I also learned that has the WORST website to download things I've ever seen. Supposedly the best video encoder out there is "SUPER", it takes 8 ads, 4 different webpages proclaiming "download now" and a ton of junk to find the stupid link. Screw those guys. The hotlink to download the editor after all of that is:
Seriously, try navigating to that link from the home page knowing you want to download freeware SUPER. ARGH!

I'll post the video later.]

Amelia and Liam visited last week (after harrowing all sorts of fun with airlines), Beth is here this week, mom (Sue) has been here the whole time and will be here for a while longer. Have pictures, will post. Also have some wintery pictures from last weekend and I’m still working on Kelli to get those SD pictures ready. This weekend Kaldun, Grandma Sue and Beth are at a big cat preserve in Arkansas and the wife is at work – so I had better go to bachelor stuff.

- Jesse

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First Job!

March 25, 2009

Kaldun haggled his way into his first job.

Over the weekend a neighbor was tearing out his east side fence and replacing it with a low picket fence to put in a garden.  I grabbed a beer and went over to supervise.  Serious neighborhood businesses.

He has dogs in his backyard so just putting a garden in his backyard would lead to it’s destruction.  I told him about my elaborate fence scheme (Grandpa Irv like) to keep my dogs out and shared various garden tips.  At this point he went back to pickup something or other from his shed and stepped in a wonderfully aged pile of dog business.  Which led to a discussion of such things and my revelation that the primary reason our yard stays clean is picking up dog poop is an excellent punishment for the boy .

On cue Kaldun comes walking over.

My neighbor, realizing an opportunity, asks him point blank if he wants a job.  To which he cautiously replies “well, yeah.”  After explaining the task they began to haggle on the price.  Kaldun boldly opened the bidding at $2.30 per day (how he came to that number, I have no idea) with service on non Tae Kwon Do days.  Eventually the matter was settled.

So Kaldun has a job cleaning up after 2 labs in the neighborhood.  Once a week yard cleaning for $10.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Also, a thank you is in order for the host of this website.  Mr. Hodges has improved some of the background items on the webserver.  Should be faster, smoother, and the tools available are more colorful if nothing else (I know of nothing else at this point).

Thank you sir.

- Jesse

ps. Kelli has worked a ton, San Diego pictures still forthcoming.

[edit]This post was edited to correct typos[/edit]

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March 22, 2009

All sorts of goings on as of late.  The basketball season is winding down (Tulsa was in, and is now out of the NIT), work is fairly hectic,  awesome weather is here, Kelli and Kaldun went to San Diego for spring break, and I’ve started to make my plans for the MDP.

With the nice weather has come a couple days of fishing for Kaldun and I.  While I still stand by my assessment that there are no “wild” fish in Oklahoma we enjoy going out and breaking the boat anyway. We’ll have to wait for Kelli to label and name the San Diego pictures, but here are a few fishing pictures to hold you over:

From 2009-03-22_Fishing
From 2009-03-22_Fishing
From 2009-03-22_Fishing
From 2009-03-22_Fishing
From 2009-03-22_Fishing

I uploaded some MDP pictures. All my my MDP pictures can be seen here. Including this one of Grissel, who has been hassling me for YEARS to get a copy. So here:

From Memorial Day Pounding on Rainy Lake

Pictures of San Diego to come. Sue, Amelia and Liam will be in town next week. So more to come!

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February 24, 2009

Nothing eventful has happened.  I attended a bachelor party over the weekend but the most exciting part was that the brisket I smoked for 10 hours was damn good (and fully consumed as I carved it).  Otherwise, nothing to report.   The painting continues and I will post some new pictures in that regard sometime, but don’t want to start a theme.

Kaldun has been doing pretty well in school lately.  No real problems at home either.  But I ran across this picture and I’m sure I owe him some humiliation for something.  So enjoy:

Kaldun with Silly Putty in his hair.  From Misc.

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