Gone Campin’

March 3, 2008

February is over! Thank the gods. I am giving up something each month this year just for the hell of it. I went with no pop in January and no alcohol in February (which I promptly reintroduced to my system on the 1st). March is no fast food month.

Fisrt flower of springOver last weekend Kaldun and I grabbed the dog, filled the car, and headed to Okmulgee State Park which is only an hour and a half south of Tulsa. The three of us (Bacchus was there, Igasa is a bit too wild) enjoyed a couple of 70+ degree days and 55 degree nights. Kevin and his son Noah met us down there on Saturday afternoon to head to the shooting range, cook on a camp fire, and drown a few worms.

Kevin and I each grabbed portions of our arsenals to teach the kids firearm safety/show off how cool the dads’ are to theKaldin shooting a .22 wee-ones (lest they forget). We brought a pair of AK-47s, a 12 gauge, a .40 S&W and a .22 long rifle with enough ammo to qualify as real Senator Inhofe electing Oklahomans. I have been drilling Kaldun on the basics for some time (never point a toy gun at people, always point at what your shooting at, trigger on the finer only if you intend to fire, you kill it – get your knife because you’re eating it) so it went pretty smoothly. after a brief rundown of the standard rules (safety on, don’t touch unless your firing, firing line reminders, never go down range, check your and others ears before firing etc.) one kid got to take the empty rifle and show us he listened. He then got one round and if he fired it following all the rules he got another… until we were comfortable enough to let them shoot series of rounds at a time.

And they did well. Kaldun had to go sit in the car once for touching the gun when he wasn’t firing (literally touching, but this was not the time ot be lenient with the rules) and they both would just set the gun on the ground when they were out of bullets… but otherwise they did very well. Ok, Noah did start to check down the barrel when he was out of ammo but his dad was all over that situation.

Kaldun was a relative ace with the 22. He had never shot even a BB gun before and he averaged 4/10 shooting clays at ~40 yards. He enjoyed shooting the .40 but the gun itself was a bit heavy and since he was never allowed more than 1 in the chamber it wasn’t as much fun (laying down you can’t drop a rifle and accidentally shoot someone, with a pistol you could). He even got to squeeze off a single round from the AK with significant help. When he saw me shooting trap he wanted to try the 12 gauge but I convinced him that might not be a good idea and they ran off to have a mud fight well behind the scenes.

Kaldun the fishermenWe drown some worms (no fish), burned some logs, and offed a few beers (it was March 1st, not February any longer!) before climbing into the sack on a clear and Chilly night. Kaldun was fine the whole time (but-for a little excessive fire playing ::insert my moms snicker here ::) and Bacchus was a model camping dog catching 2 Racoons trying to sneak into our camp, a deer off in the distance, and a park ranger coming for fees (each greeted with a low growl alerting me to their presence, not a chomp). Otherwise I think we saw MAYBE a dozen other people all weekend. Good times had by all.

The rest of the images for the camping trip can be sen here.

- Jesse

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The Return of Pictures

February 22, 2008

Kaldun earned his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do yesterday. I do not recall all of the things he had to know/do to achieve his new belt but they included a front snap kick, side kick, ax kick, tiger claw… all sorts of fun things from Bruce Lee movies (not Tae Kwon Do movies, I know). I’m afraid he was “that kid” from time to time, as everyone is either older or much higher ranked than he – seeing how other people did it, not LISTENING at times and generally acting like an 8 year old. But I took some pictures and have managed to tag and post a handful!

But he impressed his instructor and the judges, so I guess that matters more.

Let me know if things are loading SLOWLY or if you are getting errors. I may have to start posting pictures to Picasa as this server seems to have slowed while I’ve been away.

Oh yeah, now with board breaking video goodness (which apparently won’t embed here):


It is supposed to be crappy out tomorrow, more pictures perhaps.

- Jesse

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February 21, 2008

Ok, no pictures really – but I have been harassed enough to actually get moving on them. I should have some pictures up this weekend at the latest.

Pictures I intent to post in the very near future, probably in this order:
1) Kaldun getting his yellow belt.
2) Albuquerque pictures from the natorious boat trip
3) Ice Storm pictures (i need to see if any are good first)
4) Belmont Wedding
5) O-tangs Wedding
6) Other random picture goodness

Since I last posted nothing very exciting has really happened. It was probably exciting at the time, but in hindsite. Lets see:

1) We lost power along with 500,000 of or closet friends for a week. It has been 2 months and they still have only half the downed trees cleared ($4,000,000 in clearing costs and growing). Piles of debris and literal mountains at dump sites.

2) Kelli, Kaldun and I are still at the same jobs/school

3) College football season is over. Tulsa ended the year with 10 wins and the #1 offense in the nation.

4) Happy Holloween, Merry Christmass, and happy new year.

5) The last time I have left Tulsa was August. Sad, sad little world I live in.

6) I got to take a tour of the Tulsa BOk Center that is under construction. Pictures Here!

Bok Center

As part of my new year resolution I am goign to stop procrastinating and keep this blog up to date. I clearly failed at the first one, so I’ll see about the second. Please check back and harass me and it will come.

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September 12, 2007

Well, seeing how we are going in to week 3 of college football and my last was was kickoff – 10 days, that means I’ve been slacking on the posts again. So let me get you up to speed with my now monthly no-picture having post.

1) Kaldun is doing very well in school.  After breezing through his first year of public school he had some problems last year.  I was under the impression that it was something with the teachers style since the shift was dramatic and her solution was to try and convince us to get him drugged.  In any event, this year is all smooth sailing thus far.  Posting a 95% average on his spelling tests and doing really well with his reading while not getting in much trouble at school (4 weeks, 2 days where he got in trouble.  One for “playing around” in gym class and one for talking without raising his hand which was later crossed out – I guess he redeemed himself).  So all is well on the school front and the reversion seems to confirm my thoughts on last year.  He continues to go to Tae Kwon Do and Scouts starts back up soonish.

2) Kelli.  As always she’s working too much.  Other than that she is working on plans for her parents to come visit in November sometime.  Man, I think that’s about it. Uneventful Kelli month.

We have also been spending as much time learning how to use our new boat as possible.  I am competent enough to get it setup and generally from point A to point B with only a few minor stalls along the way.   It would be made much easier if the lake would post wind socks all along the bank and/or the wind would not shift directions and speed. Sheesh!  Kaldun still enjoys it so long as we make a pit stop every hour or two at a beach so he can re-dirty himself after the lake splashing gets him dangerously clean.

Last weekend we went out and ended up turning the boat over.   Cruising along in 10-15mpg winds going 15-20 mph and a gust came up, within a couple seconds the port hull was 8 feet in the air and bodies are plopping into the water.  Kaldun climbed on top of the hull like  a money of some sort so I had to get him in the water lest he sink the mast.  He jumped the 8 feet into the sail and then jumped  off the sail into the water… thus slowly but surely pushing the mast underwater (I apparently need to reseal it).   So we bobbed in the in the water with the mast pointed 34 feet straight down (called “turtle”).  Luckily some helpful boaters came to the rescue and let the boys (a friend was with us) on board while we played with the boat and eventually got it upright again… to return to shore with our tails between our legs and my friends son in a state of panic.  Kaldun figured it was “mostly swimming anyway” so no trauma there.  The boats are made to tip over as you sail them on the edge of their abilities, a better sailer can often stop it from actually going over.  A little work and it will be easy to right and I should be able to stop it from turtling.  Scary though…

And college football is back in town this weekend.  Tulsa has only played 1 game but our hopes are high with a new offense and a new head coach as well as a $30mil stadium renovation announced.  We play BYU this week and should have a fighting chance.  Next week we play Oklahoma, who is ranked #3 in the nation, and things may get ugly.  Tulsa is expected to be in the hunt for the conference championship with Houston so perhaps I will be spending New years in Memphis again (Liberty Bowl).

I swear I have pictures on my camera that I want to post, I’m just really lazy.  The nice fall weather we have found ourselves with and college football will not be helping my cause.

- Jesse

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Slacking (again)

August 20, 2007

I know I’ve been slacking.  Those of you that I speak with know there has been a glut of adventure in the life of Jesse, it has been my intention to do a post on each event.  Alas, I have not made that happen yet.  So as things continue to log up, I figure I should at least touch on the high points for people.

1) I went to Colorado/New Mexico with a friend to pick up the boat.  I returned a week later without my boat, or my car.

2) I went back the next weekend with the family and returned with the boat and the car.  Complete with a $2500 transmission job.

3) The boat is in good order.  A few minor things, but I really did get a great buy.

4) Took it sailing for the first time.  The rudders would not lock down so we sailed ourselves into a forest.  Abandoned the boat until the calvary (inboard V6) arrive.

5) Went to a wedding in Minneapolis.   The wedding was nice, the hotel had an indoor water park thing, the visits were great.  But the airlines suck.  Stupid airlines.

6) Went sailing again (this time with someone who knows what he is doing).  All went well after we managed to get it set up correctly.  Other than the lightening storm, that scared me.  33′ tall aluminum lightening rod, err mast, on water + lightening = Jesse near panic.  But in the end nothing bad happened and good times were had by all.

7) Our new transmission died again.  Exact same thing.  Looks like they will cover it under the warranty (Aamco).  Good decision going with a national chain while out of town.

Otherwise, all is well in the world of Fettkether. We are still in the doldrums of summer with 100F days and warm sticky evenings, but a shower over the weekend provided relief (and lightening!).  Kelli is away on business and Kaldun started second grade today (yes mom… I got the annual “first day of school” picture).

Speaking of pictures, no promises but I often think of it on my long list of things to do.  So no promises there.  I’ll try to fill in some of the gaps in the stories above and get some photos up sometime.  I’m trying, ok?

- Jesse

ps. 10 days until college football.  Go TULSA!

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